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New York City born, uprising Taiwanese bass artist SHUZ continues to push the boundaries of the bass music scene throughout Asia. He has performed across Hong Kong’s elite venues.

A classically trained violinist since the age of four, he currently continues his studies at the world renowned Berklee College of Music. And is expecting to release his debut EP in 2019.

SHUZ 出生于美国纽约,在台湾长大,自幼就开始系统学习小提琴以及音乐理论的他,目前就读于世界著名的伯克利音乐学院。2018年作为香港的多家顶级夜店的驻场艺人,并计划于2019年中发行他的首张个人EP。

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SHUZ has also managed to gain recognition from one of Asia’s top DJ influencers, Rayray. His original track ‘Discharge’ have been played at major festivals such as Tomorrowland and Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).

同时受到了目前亚洲新兴艺人 Rayray 的极大的关注。他于2019年初发布的全新原创单曲 “Discharge” 不仅在刚刚结束的 Creamfields 现场播放,更是在 SoundCloud 热门单曲中排名第五,在全球最大的在线电子音乐商店 Beatport 上名列前40,并被反复在 Tomorrowland 以及阿姆斯特丹音乐周 ADE 的现场响起,引人瞩目。


His production has been described as ”A promenade of skill and production prowess” by Future Mag Music. SHUZ has created a style that balances elements of trap, bass, classical alluring melodies, as well as ground-breaking sound design. His debut single, “Reborn” has amassed over 100,000 views across Youtube and tens of thousands of streams on Spotify and Soundcloud.

’未来杂志音乐‘这样评价道SHUZ的音乐:“拥有超凡的制作水平,用实力说明一切。” SHUZ 从未停止过他对 bass 音乐的钻研,曾制作过十余首 bass 风格的混音,深度钻研 trap, bass, classical alluring melodies 等多种曲风的开创性音乐制作。作为他发布的第一首单曲,“Reborn” 在Youtube、Spotify、以及 Soundcloud 等平台斩获超过十万次的收听。